Hot-air balloon ride (with Rainbow Ryders) lifts newcomer’s spirits

From the Albuquerque Journal:

Over the bosque, we slowly descended past the cottonwoods and dipped into the Rio Grande. A little water came up through the bottom of the basket and dampened my shoes, christening me a New Mexican.

Appelman gave the burner a blast, and we were back up.

I waved at people walking dogs a thousand feet below. Everyone waved back.

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KOB’s Rachel Hackbarth gets first-ever balloon ride… with Rainbow Ryders!

From KOB TV 4 here in Albuquerque:

Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta draws people from all around the world here to our city.

KOB’s newest member, Rachel Hackbarth, had never been up in one of the famous balloons, so we decided to send her 1,000 feet in the air to give you the perspective of a first-time flyer just in time for Balloon Fiesta season.

St. Augustine News Profiles Balloon Fiesta, Mentions Rainbow Ryders

The September 28, 2015 edition of the St Augustine News, in a profile about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, mentions that Rainbow Ryders is the only balloon ride operator at the Balloon Fiesta authorized to launch from Balloon Fiesta Park:

For those who want nothing more than to actually get in that basket and soar, the company Rainbow Ryders offers Official Balloon Rides for the Fiesta. As the official ride concession for this, the largest ballooning event in the world, they are the only authorized company to take off from Balloon Fiesta Park. But calling now and reserving a seat in your incredible balloon should be done now. (First class seats to a world you have never seen before.)

Reserve your flight today!

Ballooning Tops List for Geek Travelers


From New Mexico in general and the area around Albuquerque, in particular, have been a haven for geeky travelers long before Heisenberg ever “graduated” from high school chemistry to hardcore “cooking”. If you’re a nerd through-and-through — someone who appreciates a good nuclear museum or the physics behind hot air ballooning, ABQ (as it’s known to locals) should be at the top of your bucket list.

Their number one reason is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta:

There are balloon rides, races, music, photo contests, food … it’s like Burning Man, but without all the hippies and insane desert heat.

Rainbow Ryders Featured in “Business Outlook”

The “Business Outlook” section of the Albuquerque Journal reveals some vital statistics about what it takes to make Rainbow Ryders on the nation’s premier hot air balloon ride companies. Click the image to see and enlarged version.

Business Outlook Article