Flying Balloons Safely for Over 30 Years

Balloon SafetyYour safety comes first when you fly in a Rainbow Ryders hot air balloon.

We strive for balloon safety at all times with our highly trained and experienced balloon pilots, state-of-the-art hot air balloons, and top of the line balloon chase vehicles.  Rainbow Ryders was selected as the Official Ride Operator at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® in large part due to our safety record.

Safety First

No matter what the inconvenience to our passengers, Rainbow Ryders will NOT fly if our passengers, pilots and equipment cannot fly safelyRainbow Ryders is fully-insured with the highest coverage available in the industry.

Weather Conditions

Rainbow-Ryders-Hot-Air-Balloon-PilotsRainbow Ryders will cancel any flight if the weather conditions are unsafe. We base our flying decisions on current weather forecasts from the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) and the National Weather Service. Our experienced FAA-certified balloon pilots use their years of knowledge to interpret and read the weather at flight time.

Fly with Experts 

Be sure you choose a reputable hot air balloon company with a proven safety record. Compare Rainbow Ryders’ safety record with any other balloon ride company:

How long have you been in business?
Rainbow Ryders has operated continuously since 1983 under the same management.

Is this a new company or did you purchase an existing company?
Rainbow Ryders was founded by Scott Appelman in 1983 and is still under the same management. The company has purchased and integrated these hot air balloon companies throughout the years: Enchanted Winds; Above and Beyond Balloon Rides.

Do you have balloon insurance?
Rainbow Ryders is fully-insured with the highest coverage available within the industry. We retain our insurance with an A+ rated insurance company.

Will you fax me a copy of your insurance certificate?
Yes. Please call (800) 725-2477 to request a copy of the Rainbow Ryders insurance certificate.

Can you give me some references?
Yes. Please call (800) 725-2477 to request a list of Rainbow Ryders references. You can also visit Trip Advisor to read current reviews for Rainbow Ryders in Albuquerque and Rainbow Ryders in Phoenix.

Do I have to sign a release form?
Yes. Please click here for a copy of our release form for balloon flights in Albuquerque and Phoenix.

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