Flying Balloons Safely for Over 35 Years

Rainbow Ryders Balloon Rides PhoenixAt Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Ride Company, safety is the number one priority! We have been in business over 35 years and have maintained an impeccable safety record throughout that time, which has allowed us the privilege of being the official balloon ride operator for many major hot air balloon festivals. Those festivals include the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® and the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off.

Fly with Experts

Rainbow Ryders is a member of the Professional Ride Operators (PRO) a division of the Balloon Federation of America (BFA) . PRO is an organization whose sole goal is to ensure safety, reliability, and accountability throughout the balloon ride industry. Operators who carry a PRO certification have agreed to operate their balloon ride companies under standards that exceed those set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All pilots are also drug and alcohol tested regularly.

Be sure you choose a reputable hot air balloon ride company with proven safety record. It is important to keep in mind when researching the company’s experience the number of reviews and ratings as well as the quality of the scores. Along with PRO there are many other review sites that can be great resources, such as:

  • Trip Advisor
  • Google
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Local Federal Aviation Administration Office
  • Local Convention Visitor Bureau, Chamber of Commerce
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Below are a couple of questions we suggest you ask your operator before your flight.

How long have you been in business?

Rainbow Ryders has operated continuously since 1983 under the same management.

Do you need a Pilot’s License?

Yes, a Pilot’s License is required for all hot air balloon pilots. Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Company requires that each of our pilots have a minimum of 500 hours before piloting for our company. Rainbow Ryders pilots having a combined flight time of over 75,000 hours and flying over 275,000 passengers.

What equipment is required for balloons?

Balloons include several parts: the envelope (the fabric portion of the balloon), the basket, burners and fuel systems. Rainbow Ryders state-of-the-art hot air balloon fleet is the largest in the country. All Rainbow Ryder aircrafts are equipped with an advanced radio network that connects the pilot and chase crew to a dedicated company radio network. Information about weather, additional aircraft, landing conditions and more are shared by our pilots during the flight to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for our guests.

What Insurance coverage does your company carry?

Rainbow Ryders is fully insured and carries the maximum coverage available for all of our flight operations. To request copy of our insurance certificate please call (800) 725-2477

What are the weather conditions needed for flying?

Hot air ballooning is a weather sensitive sport, it is unsafe for balloons to launch when it is too windy, or in unstable weather conditions. Rainbow Ryder pilots are constantly checking the weather reports and forecasts, to insure a safe and enjoyable flight. Our pilots use national and local aviation weather resources to compliment the vast years of experience they provide.

The sport of hot air ballooning is one of the oldest and safest forms of aviation. The sport of ballooning is a 230 year old tradition enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of passengers and millions of spectators a year. Our safety record reflects the impeccable piloting and decision making of our experienced pilots, as well as providing and maintaining top of the line equipment.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us so we can get you the right answers.